Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Wait

Waiting, waiting.....

It's too early for my first client to go into labour, and I'm waiting.... So impatient to start this journey. I don't think until I finally clasp hands with a labouring woman, look into her eyes, speak those soft words of encouragement, that I'll fully realise the hugeness of this purpose I've been called to.

It's too early, so I don't want her to go into labour. I have all my own jigsaw pieces of my life to sort out and place together. I still have a million questions about my own children, who will care for them, what will I do first when I get that call, what do I pack in my bag...

So this time is good, and I'm waiting, and slowly putting the pieces into place... No one ever tells a new person when to come, and we will wait, and watch, and trust.

Just breathe.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Welcome to my Humble Home

     If you've just stumbled across my blog, welcome!! I only just stumbled across it myself! This blog is pretty much just a placeholder until I can get an official business website up and running. What is my business, you may ask... it's the business of BABIES! Yay for babies! Here's a little bit about myself, to set the scene;
     I have been fascinated and intrigued by babies and the process of birth since I was very young - which may sound creepy, but it was clearly a foreshadowing of things to come.... I did well at ignoring the call to all things birth-related, until the pregnancy and birth of my third squishy.

      After two hospitalized, conventional births - and two amazing babies - I started to tuck my head in and began researching pregnancy, birth and boobs - and I researched HARD! While everything was not in soft-focus, and there were no angels singing that I was aware of, FR's birth in 2012 was very much an awakening for me to the realization of just how important education and choices are in the prenatal and birth journey. Man, the power of choice - I could write a whole essay on that alone! However, despite being a newly-baptized devotee of homebirth, I still hadn't heard my personal call-to-arms....

      As I continued to remember - and marvel - at the formative event that was my third birth, I remembered my childhood dream to deliver(or be somehow be involved with) babies and I started seriously researching midwifery training. It looked pretty daunting, not to mention that every time I told someone what I was thinking of, they replied negatively about exhaustion and workloads etcetera. During my research for FR's birth, I had stumbled across the term 'doula' in several books and articles, and I began to formulate a plan that had Midwife as it's end point, and Doula as a stepping stone along the way.
      Fast forward a few months, and I was booked to take part in a Childbirth Education Workshop and Birth Doula Workshop, as part of a certification process with the world-renowned DONA International to become a fully-fledged Doula. What I learned about the role of a Doula in supporting pregnant women and their families was incredibly thought-provoking, and I applied myself in a way that I cannot remember ever feeling in any school or university class.

      What I learned about myself was actually rather astonishing. I discovered, in 3 short days, that I didn't actually want to be a midwife at all! No, what had become incredibly clear to me was that what I really really wanted to be, was a Doula. Not 'just' a Doula. I want to be a woman who fights for other women. Who educates, informs and empowers women. Who helps to form, and then to protect, the sacred plans and dreams of women.
      Since 9 am, on Monday of last week, my feet have hardly touched the floor. I can't quite believe my good fortune - or indeed the secret workings of my life's journey - that this role exists, that I can do it, that I could get paid to do something that I care about and enjoy so much!

       I can't wait to share more, to learn more, to meet these amazing women and hear their stories. This is my life!!!!