Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Wait

Waiting, waiting.....

It's too early for my first client to go into labour, and I'm waiting.... So impatient to start this journey. I don't think until I finally clasp hands with a labouring woman, look into her eyes, speak those soft words of encouragement, that I'll fully realise the hugeness of this purpose I've been called to.

It's too early, so I don't want her to go into labour. I have all my own jigsaw pieces of my life to sort out and place together. I still have a million questions about my own children, who will care for them, what will I do first when I get that call, what do I pack in my bag...

So this time is good, and I'm waiting, and slowly putting the pieces into place... No one ever tells a new person when to come, and we will wait, and watch, and trust.

Just breathe.